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Production Flow
01 Raw Material Mixed
02 Mixture Distributed
03 Hot Press
04 Slabs Baked
05 Thickness Calibrated
06 Edge Trim
07 Polishing
08 Quality Assurance
09 Film Cover
10 Labeling & Package
Why quartz?
Attracted to Quartz

Engineered Quartz Slab is made of natural quartzite with more than 92% quartz grit of different fineness, coupled with pigments and resins then mold under vacuum with high temperature pressure. After compression, it offers strong abrasion resistance, compressive strength, and water proof which is widely used for modern commercial buildings. With plentiful patterns of surface and gentle soft texture is similar to natural stone. We can find in house interior design, island, countertop, and backsplash in the kitchen or working space, the performance do carry out personnel perfect stylish.


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